GameShark iOS Game Development Studio
Police Car Driving: Crime City
2018-08-16T16:56:35Z 1.13 4.45461 2721 Free

- Upgraded to Google's new consent management platform for user privacy
- Fixed an issue which could cause the vehicle selection menu to appear dark
- Menus and UI now properly adjust for devices with rounded edges or screen notches
- Fixed double tapping to reset camera angle or use equipment
- Performance improvements

Ready to become the latest in the line of duty of the best police in the city? Get straight into the epic police driving action as you take to the streets and uphold the law to put a stop to dangerous drivers and ruthless criminal in one of the best first person police car driving simulator games!

Perform your cop duty, take on reports to find and arrest criminal drivers to help clear the city streets of crime. Choose from a wide selection of top of the line police grade cars and police motorbikes. Take the call over your police radio, blast the police car sirens, and pursue the criminal in the all-new police car driving action game!

!! Police Car Driving: Crime City is a new open world driving simulator !!

Explore the city and drive real police cop cars and motorbike in the huge open world, filled with miles of road to drive on. Exit your vehicle at any time to explore on foot, patrol the streets around the city and surrounding countryside in the exciting open world action game. Blast past busy city rush hour traffic on you police motorbike riding at top speeds!

Experience real police duty action, take on unique cop missions like vehicle takedowns, hostage situations, V.I.P. vehicle escorts, drug busts, and a whole load more! All-new exciting police crime-fighting action ready to play right now!

Example of missions:
- Save victims in hostage situations
- Chase and pursue dangerous criminal drivers
- Take on risky crime hideout bust-ups
- Protect and escort V.I.P vehicles
- Stop and arrest all the gangsters with police SUVs and other cops cars
- Drive quickly to stop fleeing criminals

Upgrade your police gear with new, more powerful weapons and vehicles. Get the keys to drive your own police vehicle from a wide selection of city cars, sports motorbikes, offroad 4x4 trucks, dirtbikes, and more fast cop vehicles! Take on the criminal robbers with Desert Eagles, M16, hand grenades, mini-guns, and a whole load more to try out!!

All thrills action of police motorbike riding can be played now! At any time alerts from the police radio, accept the police response and make your way to the crime to get right into the real cop action. If that doesn't sound like your style, decline the call and explore the city open world in your cop car, motorbike, or on foot. Do whatever it takes to be one of the best police officers!

- A huge, incredibly detailed open world environment
- Miles of intricate road systems to drive on, city road and offroad!
- A realistic police car and motorbike driving simulator
- Realistic driving and first-person gameplay physics
- Real-time vehicles damage
- High-quality police vehicles and weapons
- Unlimited mission objectives, non-stop action!!
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!

Watch out for your health and your vehicle's stability, be sure to look out for garages and hospitals around the city for police vehicle repair and player health packs to keep you going longer in the line of police duty.

Witness non-stop action in the latest police driving game as it brings you closer to the realistic police duty. A massive open world for the best police driving simulator game experience! Drive, drift, crash, chase, and arrest criminals around a huge detailed open city with real police cars and cop motorbikes!

Play the most realistic action-packed police motorbike and car driving game you'll ever experience, Police Car Driving: Crime City

Crime City Police Car Driver
2019-03-02T14:08:11Z 1.1 3.66451 772 Free

*iPhone X Support
*Fixed Adverts appearing over buttons on certain devices
*Small Bug Fixes

!! Crime City Police Car Driver contains awesome 20 missions and more !!

Choose your very own police vehicle from a wide selection of city cars, offroad 4x4 trucks, and fast police car interceptors.
Intuitive mission layout to other open world driving games: Locate one of the 20 spots to launch a mission and drive on the marker to begin.
Use the helpful mini map to know where the missions spots are.

Explore a huge open world filled with winding roads and bustling city life.
Drive over cascade and by dam, hidden away ancient temple, a small airport, different houses and farms, ruins, a camping place, and more in one of the best police car driving simulator game!
Take to the road and drive a wide range of tracks, from 2x2 lanes to very small road of mountains, with hill climb.

Example of missions:
- Help victims in serious car collisions
- Purse and arrest the criminals for speeding
- Follow and train to keep up with police helicopter offroad
- Protect and escort the president
- Stop and arrest all the gangsters with your police SUV
- Drive quickly without hitting the boars
- Finish the course as fast as possible

Features :
- Huge open world, filled with wide open roads, mountains and forests
- Realistic driving simulator
- Realistic physics
- High quality police vehicles
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!

You can adjust the quality button to play without lag.

Flying Motorbike Simulator
2020-08-04T07:00:00Z 1.08 4.6593 10056 Free

- Fixed functionality of some buttons not working correctly
- Hitbox of cash collectables is now larger to make pickup easier
- Menus and UI has been adjusted for devices with a notch to prevent buttons being covered
- Fixed some issues could cause the bike to fall through the world in some rare scenarios
- New app icon

Ride all-new hi-tech flying motorbikes in the all-new exciting motorbike driving simulator game.

Race fast bikes through busy city streets or take to the skies like an airplane with quick transformations. Find and pick up taxi fares for the latest in taxi driving experience, help transport passengers in style with the best of flying motorbikes. Play the latest in bike driving and flying simulations with one of the best flying motorbike games on the app store!


Transform super motorbikes into high-tech airplanes with the press of a button. Rev your engine, activate nitro boost and break speed limits to fly high in the sky. Activate airplane mode; see the wings transform out from your bike, perform aerial manoeuvres for action-filled flying.

- Ride and fly fast motorbikes to extreme speeds with nitro boosters
- The most unique taxi service, help pick up and drop off busy travellers
- Explore a huge open world, beautiful vistas to see whilst driving through streets or flying.
- Become the world's best pilot rider of the flying motorbike

One of the best flying motorbike simulators! Take your bike and perform amazing stunts, go offroad, or take off to the skies in airplane flight mode. Quickly transform into a unique flying bike equipped with jet engines! Go from street racer to pilot in one of the best flying motorbike games available!

- Real-life motorbikes modified for flight capability
- Realistic motorbike driving and flying control
- Unlimited passenger pickup missions
- Incredible HD game graphics
- Massive open-world city world environment
- Realistic bike driving and flying controls
- Dynamic HD camera angles
- Simulated airplane flight physics for authentic flying
- Free to play!!

Flying Motorbike Simulator brings the best of both driving and flying simulators. Made for all gamers, from beginners to pros, enjoy everything about both simulators all in one incredible package. Help transport people to their destination on time in one of the best flying bike simulator games!

Fire Truck Game 911 Emergency
2019-01-31T02:53:43Z 1.11 4.63525 5900 Free

- Fixed weird hand model warping in certain situations
- Fixed an issue with the storage container mission water bucket
- Fixed an issue with house fire mission fire resetting and walk through walls issues
- Improved low quality city building textures
- Fixed various UI overlapping issues

Fire fighters! Ready to become a fireman in this realistic fire fighting simulator? We're on emergency rescue duty so you need to be ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time!
Fire truck driving has never been this intense, you don't need to be a superhero firefighter but you're under pressure to get on scene and rescue civilians!

Fire Truck Game 911 Emergency is not only designed as part of our fun kids games range but anyone can join in on this intense action and become a hero!

This isn't just a basic fire truck driving game! Not only will you be driving your fire truck but also get out on foot, grab your hose and put out fires!

- Huge city to explore! Either drive or explore on foot!
- Open world fire fighting!
- Car fires and building fires to extinguish
- Unlock new fire trucks as you complete missions and explore
- Realistic fire truck vehicles
- Intelligent AI traffic driving around the city
- Dynamic HD camera angles with full camera control
- Huge expansive city with tons of traffic
- Easy to play with easy to use controls fun for kids and the whole family to play!

Show us your fire fighting skills! Have you got what it takes to protect the city and be a true fire fighting hero?
Play Fire Truck Game 911 Emergency now for free, and we're sure it'll probably be the greatest realistic fire fighting experience you've ever played!

Super Hero Rope Crime City
2021-10-25T07:00:00Z 1.01 4.72994 2518 Free

- Improved wall climbing
- New weapon purchases now come with 5 clips of ammo
- Fixed an issue which could cause players to mistakenly purchase an already owned weapon again
- Performance improvements for older devices

The city is in turmoil from dangerous criminals, it is up to your rope swinging action to stop criminals with ultimate crime-fighting powers of a real rope hero swinging in to save the day. Show off your amazing rope swinging action skills in combat and exploring the huge city as the ultimate rope superhero!


Experience real hero action, fight crooks, and criminals with rope superhero abilities and gear. Unlock new abilities to stop villains from taking over the city at all costs! The new hero action fighter swings into battle, incredible, explosive new powers to become the ultimate crime-fighter of the city.

Wall crawl up buildings to reach the top of tallest skyscrapers for a view of the whole city and a eagle-eye view of crimes in action. Jump down to save the day and defeat the enemies in the streets using an amazing acrobatic crime-fighting style!

Be amazed at real rope hero swinging action, smooth acrobatic movement and combat action animations for the ultimate crime-fighter simulator. Shoot web rope, kick, punch, and shoot your way around the city to help protect it from the rising crime and future villains. Become one of the best super heroes in the latest crime-fighting simulator.

Download Super Hero Rope Crime City now to fight crime and shoot rope web, punches, and kicks combos for an intense action 3D simulator game experience!

Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator
2024-03-12T07:00:00Z 1.01 4.75397 3398 Free

- You can now optionally play free-flight without completing the tutorial mission
- Fixed completing mission 6 not automatically teleporting the player to mission 7
- Fixed a weird shadow appearing in the sky when flying with the CanadairCL-415
- Fixed the propeller on the Cessna Seaplane not being positioned correctly
- Fixed an issue which could cause the game to get stuck on the mission restarting screen under certain conditions
- Fixed the jet engine fire being missing in low graphics mode
- Adjusted the speed of the Boeing 747 vs Boeing 777 so they better match their real top speeds
- Fixed the Airbus A380 to correctly have 2 sets of rear landing gear wheels
- Fixed the outer landing gear on the Boeing 747 not folding away correctly
- Added some coming soon planes in preparation for a future update
- Unrestricted the max airspeed of all planes outside of missions, they're no longer all restricted to the same max speed
- Improved mission 3 to be easier to understand and follow
- Adjusted the speed of the P180 Jet
- Fixed an issue where vehicles unlocked for reaching x stars or after a certain time period were not unlocking correctly
- Fixed an issue which caused restarting a mission to sometimes respawn with a different plane selected
- Renamed the F-14 Max to the SU-27 to match the actual plane model
- Improved message boxes to be easier to read and understand
- Improved overall game performance
- Improved quality of some game textures and UI images
- Fixed a skybox clipping issue during vehicle selection

Explore realistic airplanes in the most electrifying airborne flight simulator - Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator!
Jump into the pilot seat to command your own fleet of aircrafts and experience the highs of flying in one of the most immersive flying simulators!

Take flight in real aeroplanes through an ever-expansive open-world flight simulator. Explore the skies above realistic scenery and airports in high fidelity with satellite map imagery. Witness towering skyscrapers, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds to bring you a new level of immersion for the ultimate flight simulation.

Perform a wide variety of over 27 free missions to become a professional airplane pilot or explore free mode where you can explore the world!

Pilot are you ready for your first mission!
- Pass pilot school to get your flight license!
- Airplane emergency landings to put you to the test in real piloting simulations!
- Load up with passengers and safely transport them to their destinations
- Fly high class VIPs and the presidential private jet or lead the Airforce jet planes to escort them safely!
- Rescue victims after plane accidents, can you save the day?
- Rough situational landings, can you land on an aircraft carrier or safely crash land into water?
- Test your skills in checkpoint challenges
- Keep control of your aircraft during extreme weather situations or engine malfunctions
- Take small advertising jobs in your small planes showing banners in the sky

Airplanes aren't the only vehicles we have to offer!
Get behind the wheel of some fast cars if you prefer scenic route, drifting throughout the huge open world landscape!

If you're preparing for the skies then the realistic dynamic weather with day and night cycles, turbulence and disastrous winds might catch your off guard if you're not careful!
Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of flight simulation! Experience the thrills of piloting an aircraft through extreme thunderstorms or snowstorms.

- Explosive action packed plane crashes with realistic airplane physics
- Fully control your plane from the cockpit with radio, lights and passenger interaction controls
- Huge range of aircraft types from commercial airliners to jets to small biplanes
- Enter any vehicle you see! Airplanes, cars & boats the world is yours to explore

Your adventure awaits as the next pro pilot in Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator!
Download now to join us in the skies and elevate your piloting adventures!

Police Car Drift Simulator
2021-08-11T07:00:00Z 3.23 4.64214 1196 Free

- App performance improvements
- Graphical quality improvements
- Reduced app size

Drive fast police cars in one of the best car driving simulator games! Drift real police cars around busy city streets and corners, explore the massive open driving world environment and find stunts to jump off to get amazing air time.
Walk around in police station garage and select any real police car to drive in the all new open world police car driving simulator!

Police Car Drift Simulator is the latest and one of the best car driving simulators!

Each police car can be fully customized to how you want. Design, paint, stamp and move any design onto your personal police car to how you like. Walk around and see the high quality of each unique vehicle before you get in and drive in the open city streets.

Experience the most realistic police cop car driving simulation game, speed past civilian vehicles, drift around city corners or open car parks, flip and wreck your car with real time vehicle damage, see each scratch and dent with each car crash.
Car driving simulators have never been this fun, with incredible driving, pulling off super long drifts, stunt jumps, and a whole load more to explore and do in one of the best car driving games!

- Hugely open world driving simulator with city, construction, dockyard environments and more!
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on
- Full customization for police cop cars
- Personal garage to walk around and explore
- Authentic and real police car vehicles
- Realistic car driving game physics
- Intelligent city A.I traffic driving
- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles
- Hundreds of AI cars throughout the cities

Show off your amazing drifting and car driving skills, perform awesome car stunts in one of the best free police car driving simulators available!

This game offers a massive open world for the best car driving simulator game experience! Race, drift, crash, jump, and flip around the huge detailed open city, perform tricks and stunts, and have fun! The most realistic and extreme car driving game you'll ever experience, Police Car Drift Simulator!

Gamepickle Studios have been developing family-friendly games to be enjoyed by all, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment.

Police Motorbike Simulator 3D
2017-06-29T13:49:16Z 2.5 5 1 Free

- Fixed issues which would cause the game to get stuck or frozen
- Added a button to restore purchases on the vehicle selection
- Third party banner ads and all popup ads have been removed from the game
- Improved dialogue prompts to be easier to read and understand
- Improved controller support
- Redesigned and improved menus to be more user friendly
- Redesigned bike selection
- Redesigned mode selection
- Player stats are now displayed at the top of menus
- Added new purchase option for ad removal
- Added new purchase option to unlock everything which makes all missions playable without star requirements and unlocks all bikes
- Fixed trees only being visible from one side
- Redesigned the parental consent screen
- Fixed a bug where returning to the menu too quickly after unlocking a bike could cause the bike to still appear as being locked
- Fixed some biker hands not being correctly positioned on handlebars during the vehicle selection
- Fixed issues with police sirens getting stuck muted when re-entering the game while sirens were active
- Fixed rider sometimes falling off their bike when respawning
- Improve overall quality of game textures

Ride fast police motorbikes in one of the best bike driving simulators. Experience the thrills and action right now in this amazing motorbike simulation game!

You are the latest recruit in the Police Academy, test out brand new police motorbikes. Fast, quick and agile, equipped with super powerful nitro boosts that help you reach high velocity speeds. See the busy city life and drive past traffic filled with police cars, taxi cabs, ice cream trucks, ambulances and more. Test drive for as long as you want in the open world city environments. Have a true driving experience like no other in one of the best motorbike games.

Experience Game Features:
- Massive open world city environment, with over 25km of roads!
- Ragdoll physics, crash your bike and see the rider fly off
- Realistic motorbike driving simulation controls
-Easy to play game control, touch and tilt
- Intelligent and intuitive city A.I. traffic
- Hit top speeds with powerful nitro boosts
- Multiple HD camera angles, capture the action from cool angles
- Choose from a fine selection of official police officer motorbikes
- Dynamic police lights and sounds

Watch out for oncoming traffic, drive too fast and you'll need an ambulance straight to the hospital, with real time ragdoll physics. No in app purchases, totally free!

Come and join in on the fun and play a real police bike simulator, experience true fun gameplay in Police Motorbike Driving Simulator!

Helicopter Sim: Army Strike
2017-10-11T22:34:13Z 1.0 4.04082 49 Free

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Help your fellow army soldiers and fly real military air force helicopters in a massive open desert environment ready to explore; more than 16 km² of area to fly around in!

Fly around and take part in unique top secret missions to unlock even more cool army helicopters and become a professional air force pilot in one of the best army helicopter simulator games.

!! Helicopter Army Simulator contains 20 military operations !!

Choose from a wide range of rescue, army helicopters and more! Fly in the cockpit of a hangar full of military copters like AH-64 Apache, Ch-47 Chinook or Mil Mi-8, and even more!
Help others in danger by being a part time Firefighter. Grab the flight stick to transport gallons water and extinguish village building fires.
Assist and transport army vehicles like tank helicopter, move objects with a super powerful electromagnet.
Or take blow up blockades in the road to escort Humvee convoys safely back to base with the Apache helicopter to fire target locking missiles.

Freely explore the huge desert to locate one of 20 helicopter flying missions, or fly around and do whatever you want. You have the choice to do whatever you want in one of the best open world army helicopter simulator flying games!
Use the game's helpful mini-map to assist you with missions spots, expand by tapping on it.

Explore from the sky above the huge desert offroad environment filled with lots of points of interest to discover.

Example of missions :
- Search and rescue: use your helicopter to rescue stranded soldiers
- Firefighter: collect water and extinguish the village building fires.
- Transport vehicles: transports tanks and Humvees with powerful electromagnets
- Blow up road blocks to protect travelling military convoys
- Get the ammunition cargo at the top of mountains
- Training your helicopter skills with flying courses
- Go through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
- Escort five star generals through the desert to their destinations
- Fire rockets to take out dangerous criminals in tanks
- Landing on a moving container ships
- Locate stolen cargo at night using night vision

Features :
- Huge desert open world environment
- Realistic helicopter flying simulation
- Realistic helicopter flight physics
- High quality military choppers, used in actual army tours
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play flight controls, use touch and tilt controls!

You can adjust the quality button to play without lag.

Police Helicopter Simulator: City Flying
2017-06-19T09:33:06Z 1.2 3.94444 54 Free

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed More Games Button.

Take flight in 6 unique police helicopters in a huge open city world environment, free to explore and keep the peace!
Complete a huge collection of mission objectives to be a high ranking police helicopter pilot and officer.

!! With over 20 levels and free play mode !!

Choose between special police helicopters, search and rescue, united nations, and more helicopters to fly.
With realistic helicopter flying controls, this fun flight simulator game makes it enjoyable and real to fly each helicopter.
With quick and easy mission select, great into the action of one of the 20 missions straight away.

This huge open world city is the perfect place to fly a helicopter and test your flight skills, with tall skyscrapers, narrow gaps, wide open areas and much more to explore.

Play missions like:
►Help people from the tops of burning building
►Chase and capture robber cars
►Follow and train with other police helicopter pilots
►Protect and escort the president
►Stop and catch hijacked military vehicles
►Put out fires on burning buildings
►Finish flying courses as fast as possible

With features like:
- Massive open world city environment to fly around and explore
- Realistic and refined helicopter flying controls
- Realistic game physics
- High quality helicopters
- Multiple dynamic camera angles

Flying Car Driving Simulator 3D
2017-06-14T09:55:14Z 1.3 4.07813 64 Free

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed Google Analytics.

Like to go fast and fly through the air with total freedom? The latest in flying car game simulators has arrived and now you can transform your sports car into a futuristic flying car. The fun will never end in our brand new flying car simulation!

Watch as the wings transform from the car and turn your automotive into a aircraft; you can see all of this in real time with the amazing transforming animation in this flying car game simulator.

Fly, drive, and explore this vast open world environment filled with fun. Take to the skies to do aerial acrobatics through narrow gaps between skyscrapers, jump off stunt jumps and ramps, perform flips, barrels rolls; you have total freedom to do anything you want in our flying car game simulation.

Easy to play, take off like a real airplane and fly with ease. If you don't want to fly, no problem! switch back to car mode and land back on the road to enjoy the view from below, drive fast, drift hard and have all the fun behind the steering wheel of cool sports car.

Total freedom, unlimited fun, enjoy flying and driving in a high tech flying car. Download for free our latest car game, Flying Car Driving Simulator!

Police Bike Driving Simulator
2017-06-09T12:53:02Z 1.3 3.81081 37 Free

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed Google Analytics.

Want to be a police officer for a day? Get straight into the action as you ride on super fast police issue motorbikes in the latest motorbike driving simulator game! Ride past traffic at top speed, dodge cars through the city streets, jump off some amazing stunt jumps. Enjoy the thrills and action of being the police, explore all the huge open world city all for free!

You're recruit out of training and ready to ride the brand new line of official police motorbikes. Fast, agile, and each fitted with super powerful nitro boosts, test drive around the city for hours.

Experience fun like:
►Wide open world, explore the city!
►Rag-doll physics, crash your bike and see the rider fly off
►Realistic motorbike driving simulation controls
►Easy to play game control, choose from touch or tilt controls
►Hit top speeds with powerful nitro boosts
►Choose from a fine selection of official police officer motorbikes
►Dynamic police lights and sounds

Watch where you driving, if you're not careful and crash into cars or obstacles, you'll end up falling off your bike. Using real time rag-doll physics, you can see what really happens when falling off your bike. No in app purchases, totally free!

Come and join in on the fun and play a real police bike simulator, experience true fun gameplay in Police Bike City Simulator

Real Car Parking 3D
2021-09-17T07:00:00Z 1.0 4.55431 359 Free

Ready to drive real cars around challenging car parking courses. Join the all-new driving simulator experience now as you complete exciting car parking levels of intense real driving.


Be a real driving pro as you make your way through narrow gaps, avoid obstacles and race to the finishing line to earn 3-star rating for each exciting car parking level.
Complete each car parking level to unlock all-new real cars to build your own car collection, with stylish super cars, tough 4x4 jeeps, fast street racers, and more to take car driving to a whole other level!

Complete tons of exciting driving courses, filled with challenging obstacles to reach the finishing line. Unlock amazing real vehicles and build your car collection. Find hidden gem collectibles in each car parking level, test your driving skills to collect them all.

Explore thrilling environments like the dockyards, car parking garages, factory districts, and airports when progressing through each car parking level. With each new area comes new challenges for a real car driving pro.

Don't miss out on the one of the best real car parking simulator to arrive on the market! With tons of exciting new parking levels, you'll become a car parking pro in no time. Experience the real parking and driving in this all-new car simulation game.

Sniper Shooting - Gun Assassin
2021-02-02T08:00:00Z 1.37 4.66944 602 Free

- Minor bug fixes + performance improvements.
- Implemented relevant AppTrackingTransparency permission requests

Take on the call of the assassin and travel around the world on an epic sniper shooting adventure! Collect your gear and get stuck into the fps sniping action in exciting solo missions, heated boss battles, and trigger teasing challenge modes.

Survival is key to getting the shot that counts. Time it right and get the ultimate shot to become one of the best sniper shooting assassins!

Report for duty and join in on the action to become one of the world’s best snipers. Go on exciting top-secret missions to take on enemies around the globe, taking on the forces of evil. With each new sniper mission, you’ll explore the vast environments looking out for patrolling squads, use your elite sniper skills to take them down at all costs.

Equip yourself with an ever-expanding arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, and upgrades. Fully customizable weapons to best suit your style of play and to show how far you have gone to be the best sniper shooter with the ultimate gun, being unstoppable against the forces of evil!


• Take on hundreds of missions to be the best sniper shooter.
• Explore sniper locations and scout out enemy targets using perks and skills to beat each sniper mission!
• Bullet Time effects capture each amazing tactical shot you perform.
• X-ray dynamic body camera shows where each sniper shot hits your target!
• Amazing 3D sniper rendered visuals, see unique sniper rifles in high quality and beautiful open-world environments.
• Challenging missions in both day and night time for stealth operations as a sniper assassin.

• Unlock and upgrade even more new sniper rifles and more!
• Collect materials to enhance your arsenal to the next level with powerful upgrades.
• Brand new sniper perks to unlock by completing missions & sniper challenges!
• View every angle of your weapons and upgrades with a dynamic touch camera.

• Daily & weekly sniping action to take on in special challenges.
• Earn the high score of each sniper encounter, go for the best shot, and the multipliers to earn the highest score!
• Return each day for special rewards like skill perks, unlocks, & more!

Take the call to action and fight the enemy forces in one of the best first-person shooter sniper action game! Aim down the sights of your rifle and take out high-value targets with a headshot. Upgrade and unlock all the best gear and skills perks! Real sniper hero combat like no other and you can enjoy it all here in the latest sniping simulator action, Sniper Shooting - Gun Assassin!

Car Traffic Racer
2020-05-06T07:00:00Z 1.0 3.28571 14 Free

Race past highway traffic in fast cars in one of the best car driving simulators. Experience real car driving, full customisation, exciting gameplay, and non-stop action like never before!

Arcade racing action fun, Car Traffic Racer is an all-new endless car driving simulation game. Drive fast past traffic on endless roads to earn cash and build your high score. Upgrade and unlock new cars to drive faster in your own personalised vehicle. Dodge traffic like ambulances, trucks, SUVs, police cars to get the ultimate high score!

!!Car Traffic Racer is one of the best car driving simulator games!!

Earn more cash the faster you drive! Test your skills and daredevil antics as you try to be the fastest traffic driver. Build up your high score and multiplier by performing crazy car driving stunts like driving fast in the opposite lane, near-miss passes, hitting top speed, and more to earn big money rewards!

Try your hand at the all-new endless driving mode, defining the best racing game experience ever seen. Dodge traffic in real fast cars to become the ultimate car driving racer.

Experience game features:
- Realistic car driving physics
- Unlock new racing cars for better driving gameplay
- Earn score multipliers by doing daring stunts
- Realistic car driving and smooth motion when moving
- Upgrade Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Braking for your vehicle
- Fully customisable car designs
- High-quality HD environments
- Easy to drive game controls: TILT, TOUCH, OR DRAG
- Adjust graphics quality for optimal gameplay

Helpful Gameplay Tips:
- Drive at top speed to earn a higher score
- Overtake traffic cars closely at high speeds for cash bonuses
- Dare to drive in the opposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash

Drive fast race cars fo the ultimate traffic racing thrills. Blast past police cars at top speeds for the best high score. Faster cars, improved traffic simulations, and new 3D locations in one of the best car driving simulator, Car Traffic Racer!

Police Block City
2017-06-15T09:37:03Z 1.3 4.42 50 Free

*New Beach Area
*New User Interface
*Small Bug Fixes

Equipped rocket launcher loaded of missiles, you and your fellow police squad can go wherever you want and cause mayhem to help take out the enemy robots. Stylised gameplay created with cubes to a style you already know.

The city police officer are ready to serve justice, equipped with fully loaded guns, it is up to you and your teammates to help destroy all of the robot armies walking the city streets, terrorising the good city people. With every robot you blow up, you'll also be able to unlock more awesome weapons and powerful upgrades to boost your high score. Experience such amazing power ups like:

Deploy quick transport to get around the city environment using fast agile bikes. Cycle around the city and cruise by all the while you fire tons of rockets and other weapons.

Low on ammo and need support? Help is coming, look out for a swat team police van and multiple allies coming to your aid to help kick cyborg robot butt. Watch in amazement as they destroy your targets using sniper rifles, grenades, and rockets, earning experience points for you in helping destroying the droids.

Make for a quick getaway from the enemy robots or low on health, harpoon to safety - the best way to get to places fast. Harpoons are the fastest method of moving around pixel block city quickly.

Ready to reach heights and explore the city more? Get to hard reach places and the best vantage points to take out enemy robots as you fly up to the tops of tall buildings. Easy to use jetpack makes flying fun and enjoyable without any difficulty

Arrest and destroy as many evil robots as you can in Police Block City, shoot, blow up, and drive over as many enemy robots as quickly as possible before you run out of ammo and health. Search the city streets for ammo, health, and power ups to carry on serving justice for the city people.

Be careful when fighting crime, if you take too many hits from the lasers and rockets you will lose health and die, plan you method of attack and have a escape plan.

You are the city police, you mission to help protect and serve the city from the onslaught of enemy robot army, turn them in to scrap in Police Block City!

Police Chase - Cop Car Driver
2022-09-19T07:00:00Z 1.0 4.76375 309 Free

You're a cop on patrol in the big city, your squad car is equipped with a police scanner and connected to the national police database.
Protect the city from criminals as you monitor the roads as a traffic cop! Scan vehicle number plates and pull over suspicious drivers and check their details in the police database.

But not everyone is so willing to stop for the police.. Get right into the action of driving fast police cars as you chase down drivers failing to stop! Race around city streets at top speeds to catch the criminals and unlock new faster police cop cars like 4x4 jeeps and pursuit vehicles to drive and stop crazy city traffic in the all new open world car driving simulator!

Drive, dodge, and pull over busy city traffic who are causing stress to other drivers Race other police cars, taxi's, ice cream trucks, and angry traffic as you unlock new faster authentic police cars with unique designs!

Experience realistic police car driving simulation game, flick the switch on to hear authentic police car sirens. Speed past vehicles, drift around tight city corners, flip and wreck your car with real time vehicle damage, see each scratch and dent with each car crash. Why not totally wreck your police interceptor and smash into other cars to get some serious car crashes!

- Police ANPR scanner to scan vehicle number plates to find suspicious drivers!
- Pull over drivers and search their details in the police database!
- Watch out! Not everyone is so willing to pull over for a cop!
- Huge expansive city with tons of secrets to find!
- Unlock new, faster police cars as you work through the cop ranks
- Easy to play car driving controls

Show off amazing driving skills, perform awesome car stunts in one of the best free police car driving simulators available!

This game brings you massive open worlds for the best car driving simulator game experience! Race around multiple big cities, perform tricks and stunts, and cause disorder as city police! The most realistic and extreme car driving game you'll ever experience, Police Chase - Cop Car Driver!

Sniper Commando Assassin
2017-09-11T11:07:43Z 1.1 4.75 4 Free

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Small Bug Fixes.

Battle against tough army soldiers based in the treacherous desert canyon terrain as you become a marksmen commando in our latest realistic sniper game!

With real life sniper rifle at your disposal, you can take aim and fire with some of the most powerful rifle to eliminate your target. Go on risky operative missions, take up your sniping position, aim down the sniper scope, and fire!

Experience each accurate head shots with amazing bullet cam! Follow the shot in slow motion, hitting your target with pin-point accuracy. Get right into the action of the life of a elite sniper commando game.

Make each shot count, hit your target in the right area as otherwise they will get alerted and start firing back at your position. Take out your enemy quickly and precisely or you will fail your mission or worse die. Enhance your sniping skills to get the perfect head shot to take out every enemy in the mission like a true assassin sniper.

Shoot to Kill: Kidnap Crisis
2017-10-13T21:47:05Z 1.0 4.77778 9 Free

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Your loved one has been kidnapped, you must save her before it is too late! In the latest action pack first person shooter game from GameShark, you must infiltrate the enemy hideout and stop the hordes of highly trained army soldiers, armed with military weapons, lucky you are one amazing super agent. Use your agent skills to make your through the enemy compound, taking out bad guys who come after you!

With tons replay-ability (more missions and unlocks to come soon) change up your point of attack and weapon load out to get to your girlfriend. Earn a highscore and go head to head with people all over the world and see where you will rank in the leaderboards, can you become a elite marksmen?

Find the quickest route, aim for the head, and choose from a wide selection of firearms such a M9 Beretta, AK47, pump action shotgun, and a minigun! Every second counts. Choose your path wisely to get the girl back safely in this action fps game.

Enjoy cool game features like:
- Intense first person shooting action
- Destructible environment objects
- Fun cover base shooting
- Global online leaderboards, get the highest score!
- One of the top latest fps shooting games
- Unlock tons of powerful guns and firearms
- Fun to play over and over again
- Intelligent enemy AI
- Beautiful HD graphics

Interact with the environment and shoot objects to reveal hidden bonuses, you might find something to come in handy to help you get an even better highscore. Watch out you don't lose too much health or you will die, if you see a first aid health kit, be sure to pick it up. Use explosive barrels to take out multiple bad guys at once to help get point multipliers and bonuses.

Immersive story, adrenaline pumping first person shooting, fun gameplay, and worldwide interaction with other players will give you the full gaming experience that you will be craving. Join in on the action as you become the tough action hero in Shoot to Kill: Kidnap Crisis, available to download right now for free!

Zombie Survival: Gun Battle
2020-07-21T07:00:00Z 1.0 3.33333 3 Free

Zombie Survival: Gun Battle is a free survival first person shooter strategy game, where there is only on task, survive! Fight against walking dead zombies, spiders robots, drones, and giant enemy crabs as you battle to stay alive and survive for as long as you can. As the last remaining man on earth, you must rid the world of the hordes of undead zombies and other enemies with every bullet you can find.

You are all alone in the city and it is overrun with zombies and other dangerous enemies. Shoot anything that moves to survive and if you get swarmed by too many enemies, run away or hop in the nearest car to run them over!

Take advantage of the tall buildings and get onto the rooftops by using grapple hooks or if you're in tough situation and overrun by enemy hordes use the grapple hooks for a quick getaway.

Improve your game strategy and use more deadly weapons to take on the zombies, choose your target, pull the trigger, collect and conserve ammo, blow up explosive barrels to take out large groups of enemies.

Collect coins from defeated enemies to upgrade your weapons arsenal to get bigger and better weapons. Use insane items like sledgehammers, laser rifles, 45. colt pistol, M4A1 rifle, and many more!

The world has been taken over by the dead and aliens from another world, all hope is lost. With no one around to clear the city, it is up to you how you rid the world of walking dead zombies by any means. Use any way to shoot, smack, whack, blow up, or vaporize your foe to survive for as long as you can.